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Many questions arise, and pocketrevolution will take you under its wing regarding website - browser redirection, domain names, screen sizes, responsive design and many more things you may never have heard about... we'll wing with you and have you covered. BIG TIME!

FAQ #1 Design vs. Development

What’s the difference between web design and web development?

Design concerns the visual aspects, i.e. the user interface (UI) of the site, where development is the stuff that mostly happens "under the hood". The combination of both, functionality and flow, ultimately impacts your user's experience (UX).

FAQ #2 Content Management System

Can I manage changes on my site myself?

Absolutely – upon evaluation of your needs, we'll provide you with a content management system (Wordpress is a very popular choice) that suits your business' needs, no matter if one person needs to work on the site, or if a whole team needs access to the content of your web site.

FAQ #3 Technical Background

Do I need to know HTML?

Not necessarily, as most content management systems come with a built-in formatting engine similar to Microsoft Word. Of course, a little technical knowledge can't hurt and more advanced tweaks may require a little HTML magic. We'll figure all this out during the initial evaluation of your needs.

FAQ #4 Location

I'm not in New York City, can I still use your services?

Impossible... just kidding - that's the beauty of the internet – it enables us to create and maintain your website all over the globe, no matter where you are or what time it is. We have never met 60% of our clients in person and virtual meetings are a daily part of our business.

FAQ #4 Customization

Do you ever create cookie cutter web sites?

We're not a cookie cutter, template flipping shop... we pride ourselves in creating a custom design and experience for your customers and everything gets tailored to your specific needs.

FAQ #5 Timing

How long will it take you to deliver my site's design?

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule... The visual design is the "easy" part and will not take more than a few days, depending on the scope and size of the project. Development of functionality, however may take up to a few weeks if you desire a complex e-commerce system, for example.

FAQ #6 Web Hosting

Will you also host my web site?

Yes, we'll happily hook you up with a reputable, reliable web host and we'll take care of the administration for you.


Do you also do SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Every site we create, automatically comes with basic SEO content (page titles, descriptions and keywords). Upon our consultation, we'll also talk about optimization, which is an additional item (and cost) to you.

FAQ #8 Browser Compatibility

Will my site work in every browser ever made?

Our sites will work flawlessly in all modern browsers, up to a few generations back. We prefer to look forward, and support for ancient browsers comes with a lot more compromise, engineering and cost.

FAQ #9 Mobile support

Will my site work on a smartphone?

All our sites come with a responsive design component for tablets and smart phones, extended support is optional.

FAQ #10 Statistics

Can I see how many visitors my site is getting?

Yes, we'll provide you with the necessary information to track your site's visitors at no cost.

FAQ #11 Email

How many email addresses come with my new website?

The web hosts we normally suggest don't have any limit on the amount of email addresses you can have and we'll set you up with a master email address. We'll provide you with a guide how to add custom email addresses, if needed.

FAQ #12 Maintenance

Does pocketrevolution also maintain my website?

Bug fixes and design changes are included during the design phase. Once the project is completed, you can set up a monthly maintenance contract.

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