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In our culture of split second decisions and instant gratification, potential customers don’t want to wait until they are back at their desk to check times for the next yoga class or movie. They want to pick a restaurant while sitting at the local bar and make a reservation for their group of five. Shoppers want to browse for better opportunities while standing in a local boutique. Your current website may be cumbersome to use, to navigate and view on a mobile phone and ultimately your customers will walk away from your business if you don't offer them a mobile optimized site...

pocketrevolution illustration long loading time

currently your desktop site viewed on a smartphone suffers from

  • long loading time
  • content (flash) doesn't display
  • small text requires zooming and scrolling
  • navigation is too small to "tap"
  • opening hours and phone numbers are impossible to find
basically, your site does zilch for people on the go
pocketrevolution automatic mobile browser detection

The mobile web ticks differently... pocket revolution sites offer:

  • automatic mobile browser detection
  • quick loading time
  • unidirectional scrolling only
  • page adapts on horizontal/vertical view
pocketrevolution full screen appearance
  • full screen appearance
  • large text and easy tap-able navigation
  • virtual "we're open" sign based on your posted, live, hours
pocketrevolution home page bookmark bubble iphone
  • automatic loading homepage/bookmark bubble provides app-like experience, branding and accessibilty
  • full sized splash screen
pocketrevolution call now feature
  • convenient “call now” feature
  • social networking shortcuts
  • facebook comments, if desired
  • link to full site
  • “back to top” link for quick access
pocketrevolution scannable qr code for promotion
  • utilize phone scannable QR codes to cross market your mobile site on printed materials
  • offer specials specific to mobile customers
scan the code with your smartphone and see for yourself!
pocketrevolution gps geolocation in browser
  • custom geolocation (GPS) access
  • "One click" Google maps for easy directions without knowing the zip code
pocketrevolution intelligent forms
  • intelligent forms change soft keyboard:
i.e. numberic keyboard for phone numbers, @-symbol for email addresses etc.
pocketrevolution blackberry android smartphones
  • pocket revolution mobile sites are compatible with modern smartphones
iphone, Blackberry, Android, Palm, Symbian
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