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Many questions arise, and Pocket Revolution will take you under it's wing regarding your mobile site - browser redirection, domain names, screen sizes, responsive design and many more things you may never have heard about... we'll wing with you and have you covered. BIG TIME!

FAQ #1 Mobile vs. classic/desktop

How is a mobile website different from a traditional website?

A mobile website is optimized for viewing on a small screen, and for devices with slower connections on the go. A full "classic" website is oftentimes not legible on a dinky screen and takes way to long to load on mobile devices. Also, many mobile devices don't understand flash or other web technologies, which ultimately can render a desktop website useless.

FAQ #2 Mobile vs. Classic II

Does a mobile website replace my current traditional site?

No, your mobile website should complement your existing website, focussing on information that your customers might access on the go.

FAQ #3 Domain names

Do I need a different domain name from my current, traditional site?

Your mobile site and your classic website can co-exist on the same domain and can be reached under different directories. The mobile site could reside on http://m.yourdomain.com or http://yourdomain.com/m/. Either way, it doesn't change how your clients find you. They don't have to type in anything different. Your website will know how to route your client based on the device they are originating from.

FAQ #4 Domain names II

If it is the same domain name, how does the server know which site to go to?

Every web browser identifies itself with a user string and smart scripts will tell your website which version it should serve to a particular visitor, mobile, or non-mobile.

it goes like this:

yo! web server, request coming in...

wakin' up.

who's there?

mobile browser, iphone

mobile site coming up...

FAQ #5 Content limits of mobile

Are there limits to what kind of content can be put on the mobile site?

Mobile devices are limited in computing power, connection speed and screen size and your mobile site should be simple enough to render quickly on a smartphone. The goal is to present focussed content, with eye-catching style and a legible, clean presentation.

FAQ #6 Client Restrictions

Are our clients restricted to the mobile site only from their smart phones?

Your mobile site will automatically show on smart phones, however a good mobile site has a prominent link to its classic counterpart, and vice versa.

FAQ #7 Custom vs. DIY

Why should I pay to have this custom made, when there are “do-it-yourself” sites that can convert my existing, traditional site in a matter of minutes?

DIY sites rely on automatisms that can do a reasonable job, but will never replace a good designer with years of experience in interface design. Most of those services produce cookie cutter sites without a critical eye for how to best represent your business on a mobile site. Without a direct relationship, the subtleties and intangibles of what you want to communicate, could be lost. You get what you pay for, as usual.

FAQ #8 Old site re-design

Will I need to have my traditional site re-done so that the two match?

If you are in love with your existing site, who are we to change it? We will design a mobile site that compliments your classic site, or, if you prefer, design your mobile site with a whole new design in mind. If you are less than satisfied with your traditional website, or never got around to building one, we can certainly handle that for you as well.

FAQ #9 Mobile announcement

How do I let my customers know about my new mobile site?

We'll provide you with the necessary tools for social networks and QR barcodes for smartphone scanning. Our optimization experts can work with you to increase your visibility – and, the good old word of mouth routine still works wonders.

FAQ #10 DIY updates

I make weekly, sometimes daily updates to my traditional site. Can I do that with my mobile site, myself, or do I need a Pocket Revolution technician for every change?

We are here for you 24/7, but we'll also extend your wordpress, or other CMS site to serve your mobile needs. Wordpress for example, provides the ability to make the changes in one place and it will automatically update both sites, mobile and classic.

FAQ #11 Simplicity

How simplified does a mobile site need to be? Can I use it for online sales, sharing video or blogs?

Our goal is to keep things streamlined and focussed. But, simple doesn't necessarily mean sacrifice. If designed correctly, your customers should feel right at home on your new mobile home. A mobile site should load quickly and has to work well on a smaller screen. Amazon's site does it, youtube's site does it, so can your's.

FAQ #12 App vs. website

What is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website?

A mobile website's strength is it's flexibility, as it is designed to be accessible from any device with web capability. If you want an app to work on many devices, you have to design (and pay for) multiple apps.

29% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase of digital or physical merchandise using their mobile devices
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