Markus Testimonial / January 21, 2012

bonita labossiere feng shui breath web site

Hiring Markus Hartel to design my web site was one of the best career moves that I have ever made.

Markus is smart, creative, knowledgeable and a wonderful resource with regards to what is out there… and what will generate activity for your site.

Working with Markus was easy and enjoyable. He is a very good listener and open to exploring unusual concepts and styles of expression. This was particularly important to me, as I was combining several ideas that needed to merge flawlessly on my site.
Markus was not only able to accomplish what I wanted in a clean, modern, and visually pleasing way, but he created a site that is inviting and holds your interest throughout.

Investing in a web site can be a stressful experience. Markus Hartel knows what he is doing… and will put you at ease immediately. I give Markus 5 stars for sure. He’s great at what he does !

Bonita Labossiere