Leave older IE behind

excellent idea and execution… while I agree that it really is time to leave good ole IE in the dust, I disagree with the whole responsive design idea for mobile. mobile simply needs its own scaled and customized content on a mobile (m., mobile.) subdomain. read more on the idea here

Guidelines for mobile web development

excellent article resource from smashing magazine Mobile web apps offer a good number of advantages over native apps; and though they face some design, development and deployment challenges, they are a powerful cross platform, scalable and affordable solution.

Selfey prototype

Selfey was born out of the New York Startup weekend and lead by a 15 year-old-kid. We often hear about programming wiz kids who are revolutionizing the world, but not often do we hear of teenage high school boys with incredible business acumen. Meet Jack Haufman. Jack pitched a very simple, very compelling idea: view…

Coming soon – PassionatePetCare NYC

Our first draft for a revamped PassionatePetCare website. there will be a blog, area map, picture galleries, testimonials and walker’s profiles – all setup with wordpress. we’ll keep you posted!


DragDropAndPrint – a really cool file uploader for pdf files, the start of a web2print solution… more to come.

Blackberry PwrVault retouching

The Blackberry product shoot had to happen last minute and the photographer only had a hot pink Blackberry Curve at his disposal, and while we cleaned up the PwrVault, we changed the pink unit to a anthracite one. as always, click on thumbnail reveals larger view.

iPowerUp Blackberry product brochure

After creating the PwrVault iPhone brochures and packaging, Pocketrevolution also produced the Blackberry equivalents… services rendered brochure design/layout photo retouching press ready files

iPowerUp iPhone product brochure

After developing the PwrVault branding, the natural progression was to develop a key visual, accompanied by a product brochure and product packaging. Based on the iPhone version, Pocketrevolution created Blackberry equivalents. services rendered: product name logo design key visual photo composition photo retouching brochure design press ready files

DeuxGood mobile site and teaser

DeuxGood approached us with the idea of building a mobile site for fundraisers. Pocketrevolution jumped at the idea and we used jquery mobile for the smart phone implementation. We also built the teaser/sign-up page for DeuxGood, all for a good cause…

O’Neill Marketing Group

After successfully designing their company logo, Pocketrevolution got approached by the O’Neill Marketing Group (OMG), based in Atlanta, to build their web presence. We decided to go with a semi-fluid, full-screen design with some HTML5/CSS3 features. The challenge was to get the main container’s and navigation’s opacity to work right with Internet Explorer 8 (what…