responsive design vs. responsible design

responsive design vs. responsible design pocketrevolution

most pocketrevolution projects employ automagic image resizing technology to make our customer’s lives easier, especially with self-managed CMS systems… and while many solutions like “timthumb”, “adaptive images” and “tinysrc” come to mind, all are flawed in one way or the other – they may lack in flexibility, or the markup can get messy, or the server is hard to configure, or doesn’t even work with the script of choice at all (true story)…

anyways, James Pearce, creator of tinysrc shares our general point of view regarding the mobile web and responsive/adaptive design.

But this may give us a clue why so many others seem desperate to will the current implementation of ‘Responsive Web Design’ into being as the sole way to develop services for mobile users: it’s all client-side, and requires nothing more complex than a few extra tricks in existing CSS files. It may be that many web designers are daunted by the thought that they may be required to think about mobile device detection and conditional logic on the server-side, and are clinging to the hope that they can claim to support mobile users without having to do any, well, programming.

one of our latest projects specifically required us to create a responsive design utilizing media queries only (i.e. without device detection) plus auto-resized images… while this may seem like a great idea, the hurdles are still un-conceivably high, as we learned along the way…

some of the desktop information just doesn’t belong on the small screen and the sacrifices in either design, or the extra effort in programming are not worth it, and display none is absolutely against our beliefs… a website’s design will (or should) get revamped periodically, no matter how far the periods are apart beyond 28 days, so the one-web approach is kind of a moot point anyways. the most sensible approach right now is to create dedicated desktop/tablet sites with smartphone/mobile counterparts…

let’s just look at this in an old-fashioned way, where print still was king: the full offering in form of a catalog landed in our snail mail mailbox on demand and the flyer or postcard got handed to us based on location, i.e. close to your target business.

desktop = catalog, mobile = flyer, cool analogy, huh. the “new, mobile” flyer can do even more, the customer can respond to the task at hand: scan a promo, call your business, map your location, surveys… you name it

lesson learned… & don’t forget the pocketrevolution mantra:
we strongly believe in dedicated sites for smartphones with automatic mobile detection and their own content and logic because customers RESPOND

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