Googlebot now Indexing Smartphone Sites

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Google recently announced that its Googlebot now crawls mobile websites with a smartphone user agent.

This means that mobile sites with advanced smartphone-specific features will now be indexed separately from sites specifically for legacy phones… “This removes the extra latency the redirect introduces leading to a saving of 0.5-1 seconds on average when visiting landing page for such search results.”

basically a mobile website will give you new, improved google search results.

“With the number of smartphone users rapidly rising, we’re seeing more and more websites providing content specifically designed to be browsed on smartphones,” says Google software engineer Yoshikiyo Kato. In response, Google has changed the way smartphone content is indexed.

Whenever Google makes a change to the way they crawl the web, it’s a big deal in the web marketing world because chances are your sites gets between 25 – 65 % of traffic from Google.

“The content crawled by smartphone Googlebot-Mobile will be used primarily to improve the user experience on mobile search. For example, the new crawler may discover content specifically optimized to be browsed on smartphones as well as smartphone-specific redirects.”