eye-fi and photoshelter

A new client approached pocketrevolution to help out with a photobooth solution for events… the idea was to set up all the photography stuff on location and use an ipad or iphone to take care of the photo transmissions for social media sharing. The client provided an eye-fi card with a compact flash adapter for the camera in question and we were ready to test in our studio, with Markus’ cameras.

First, one needs to install the eye-fi software on a computer and register with the eye-fi center, then add a wireless network to the eye-fi card and plop it into the camera. also, the ipad (or iphone) needs its own eye-fi software. set-up takes about seven minutes, tops. As soon as the pic is taken, it gets wirelessly transferred to the ipad and from there off into the social sphere, or so I thought… facebook worked flawlessly, ftp to a vanilla web server worked flawlessly, but upload to photoshelter’s ftp didn’t work at all, even after contacting both customer support hotlines (eye-fi and photoshelter), neither had a solution to the problem, even though G*** at eye-fi made the suggestion of folder creation and permissions. photoshelter was clueless, heard “ipad” and referred me to some nonsense ipad app that’s not even closely related. hey, I like photoshelter, as I use it myself…

In the meantime, being on a deadline I did some diggin’ around the web and came across “shuttersnitch” for iOS which seemed to do just what I needed – a few seconds later and $16 shorter, I was ready to do another test. The interface is a little weird in the settings department, but this time around photoshelter ftp worked right away, and in hindsight this may have been the hint I was looking for – shuttersnitch needs a collection for uploading files.

long story short, even after shuttersnitch worked fine, it bugged me to no end that eye-fi was not able to upload the files via ftp to photoshelter and I gave it another go – and got it working after all.

eye-fi/photoshelter ftp works if the domain/link is formatted like this:

oh, the eye-fi X2 card works without a router by providing its own ad-hoc network, but doesn’t show in the iOS menu bar wifi signals, btw.

  • shawn ryan

    Thanks for the photoshelter format. Been doing my nut in too.