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adobe ceased flash development for mobile… for a good reason

many, many photographer’s websites are using flash technology to seemingly protect their work – however, the user can always make a screenshot – or print the page, if their mischievous mind allows them to do so. real world: there is only so much you can do with a screen capture… watermarking and metadata are much more effective to that extend. photoshop’s save-to-web strips the oh-so important metadata, but we can help you circumventing this feature…

forcing your browser’s window into full screen is another story altogether and should be disbanded, or at least penalized by tarring and feathering the web developer.

over the years, the web browser has grown into being our main, highly personal, device to communicate and should not be tampered with… we read news, watch videos and look at photographer’s portfolios in our web browser all the time.

now that flash is done for mobile , I think it’ll be only a matter of time until the technology is extinct on the desktop as well.

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