Browser vendor pre-fixes

the debate about browser vendor prefixes is still going on and quite frankly, I don’t get it…

1) vendors… make it easier for developers to use beta features and don’t require devs to type different code for every browser (no one in their right mind can remember that stuff anyways)

2) developers… it can’t be that hard to copy and paste a few lines of extra code for browsers other than webkit, after all many have been screaming their lungs off for all-around support of certain features

the idea of using the -webkit vendor pre-fix for every browser? you have to be kidding me!? that’s just plain old crazy -and lazy- at the same time. I’d say, looking forward, use a -beta prefix – this makes it clear to everyone involved that it indeed is a beta feature -duh- and the vendors should get off their asses and unify the spaghetti code that one needs to write for certain features (gradients, anyone?). older browsers will just ignore it, yes?
and if you’re jealous about webkit features and support, guess what, dust off your old engines and get in on the innovation and start implementing. it’s software after all and no one would dare using oh-so innovative features to put the user in danger…

once and for all, leave older browsers in the dust, rely on somewhat decent degradation and call it a day.