adobe flash for mobile is dead

Adobe ceases development for adobe macromedia flash for mobile… html5 and css3 finally win over flash, a technology that has been around for about a decade and aroused many opinions over the years.

The controversy has only grown ever since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 and Steve Jobs openly suggested that flash is “Insecure, power-hungry, inappropriate for touch devices, never ready, outdated – there’s not really anything the Apple chief likes about Flash” The Guardian

I think with flash being on the brink for mobile, and modern technologies like javascript/jquery html5 and css3 on the rise, it’ll be only a matter of time until people realize how useless (can I say annoying?) it has become on the desktop as well… pop-ups to remind you to update and restart your MAIN application is unheard of in our date and age. let me repeat: flash is dead. /on the desktop as well…/