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HeavyMelodyMusic web site design & development

We had a lot of fun (and a few challenges, but what’s the web dev fun without them?) creating the Heavy Melody Music web site… Fullscreen video with vimeo playlists, Soundcloud integration – all fully responsive and built on WordPress.

grungestock CMS with video

Our biggest undertaking so far is grungestock’s website with wordpress as a CMS with e-commerce/shopping integration via paypal and stripe for online payments and credit card processing… the site also relies on vimeo to serve HD video files and Amazon S3 cloud storage for file delivery. In some instances vimeo’s video compression is too aggressive…

White Ink – Distraction Free Writing app

The objective was to create a simple web app for distraction free writing in a web browser… the app relies on HTML5 local storage to save the user’s document… we also integrated a MySQL database for user management and backup purposes.

Carlton Park Restaurant web-to-print menu

A good friend is opening a restaurant and asked us to design their print and web menu, the task was to make the menu self-editable and print ready. In order to avoid cumbersome pdf documents and have the menus integrated –and searchable– into CarltonPark’s website, pocketrevolution decided to use a simple CMS and make the…

Julio Mitchel photographer

photographer Julio Mitchel approached us to revamp his website sans the existing flash slideshows that won’t display on any iOS (ipad, iphone, ipod) device and many other tablet computers and smartphones. everything was re-coded by hand in plain vanilla html and jquery.

Restaurant menu with print stylesheets

pocketrevolution got hired to take care of a new restaurant’s menu pages and we decided to go the HTML5 route with print stylesheets and a CMS that allows the customer to edit the menu in their web browser, right on the page. This job is a perfect showcase of something that I always wanted to…

responsive design vs. responsible design

most pocketrevolution projects employ automagic image resizing technology to make our customer’s lives easier, especially with self-managed CMS systems… and while many solutions like “timthumb”, “adaptive images” and “tinysrc” come to mind, all are flawed in one way or the other – they may lack in flexibility, or the markup can get messy, or the…

Bonita Labossiere website design

We just finished Bonita Labossiere’s website – she is a voice coach, Feng Shui consultant and also does Breathwork for couples… highly recommended. Bonnie focuses mostly on breath and breathing techniques in either category and our goal was to reflect that in her website design. The website is HTML5 compliant, sports an HTML5/javascript audio player…

12 Magic Tricks you can do with a mobile website

quick loading time large text and easy tap-able navigation directions with location awareness (GPS) QR code scanning for promotional purposes click-to-call button live opening hours app-like splash screen app-like homepage icon/bookmark intelligent forms automatic mobile browser detection mobile specific specials unidirectional scrolling only

Selfey prototype

Selfey was born out of the New York Startup weekend and lead by a 15 year-old-kid. We often hear about programming wiz kids who are revolutionizing the world, but not often do we hear of teenage high school boys with incredible business acumen. Meet Jack Haufman. Jack pitched a very simple, very compelling idea: view…