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Nomad Tech logo

branding – naming and logo design for wireless distributor

Leave older IE behind

excellent idea and execution… while I agree that it really is time to leave good ole IE in the dust, I disagree with the whole responsive design idea for mobile. mobile simply needs its own scaled and customized content on a mobile (m., mobile.) subdomain. read more on the idea here

Guidelines for mobile web development

excellent article resource from smashing magazine Mobile web apps offer a good number of advantages over native apps; and though they face some design, development and deployment challenges, they are a powerful cross platform, scalable and affordable solution.

Selfey prototype

Selfey was born out of the New York Startup weekend and lead by a 15 year-old-kid. We often hear about programming wiz kids who are revolutionizing the world, but not often do we hear of teenage high school boys with incredible business acumen. Meet Jack Haufman. Jack pitched a very simple, very compelling idea: view…

mobile first

mobile first sounds like a great  approach in theory, but sometimes time demands to develop the desktop site first and tweak from there…

Internet Explorer 9

we got pretty excited about Internet Explorer 9 and it’s supposedly better inner workings rendering CSS compared to its predecessors. The excitement scale went pretty quickly down to nil when we learned that our navigation, which we tweaked accordingly for IE 8, now looks totally different in IE9… oh wonders of Microsoft, when will this game…

must have wordpress plugins

WPDB Profiling a great tool to check out your wordpress theme’s performance, it shows number of db requests and timing below the footer when logged in All in One SEO Pack – “home description” on the settings page gives you the google excerpt (or add meta description to header, same thing, but the plugin is…

mobile phone leverage

“Consumers have access to smart phones, like iPhones and Androids. But there’s a disconnect, because most businesses aren’t leveraging this technology to promote themselves ,” he said. “And if your business doesn’t have a mobile website, it simply doesn’t exist for today’s new savvy breed of shoppers that rely on their mobile phones.” Read more: