HeavyMelodyMusic web site design & development

We had a lot of fun (and a few challenges, but what’s the web dev fun without them?) creating the Heavy Melody Music web site… Fullscreen video with vimeo playlists, Soundcloud integration – all fully responsive and built on WordPress.

wide screen preview with vimeo playlist

ipad horizontal preview

Soundcloud integration and fullscreen background slideshow

Fullscreen background slideshow

Top Ten Web Hosting Companies

Being a web developer and graphic designer, business owners would oftentimes ask me which web host to use for their products, portfolio websites and blogs. I compiled a list of reputable and reliable web site hosting companies for small businesses. I have used a wide range of web hosts during my long career as a…

grungestock CMS with video

Our biggest undertaking so far is grungestock’s website with wordpress as a CMS with e-commerce/shopping integration via paypal and stripe for online payments and credit card processing… the site also relies on vimeo to serve HD video files and Amazon S3 cloud storage for file delivery. In some instances vimeo’s video compression is too aggressive…

White Ink – Distraction Free Writing app

The objective was to create a simple web app for distraction free writing in a web browser… the app relies on HTML5 local storage to save the user’s document… we also integrated a MySQL database for user management and backup purposes.

Maria V. Szulc photography

Yet another website for a photographer, this time around based on wordpress as a CMS and blogging platform.

read .mobi files on Android

it’s incredibly easy to open .mobi files on the ipad via dropbox in the kindle app and for some reason that simplicity got lost on Android, as the system doesn’t have to have any file affiliation with said ebook files. anyways, it’s fairly easy as well on android – select the file and go into…

Cordova phonegap image orientation

when I started using phonegap, I was puzzled by the overlapping functionality of “camera” and “capture” and I found out the hard way that capture does not allow to define image rotation in the device, but can be sorted out by utilizing the metadata. I ended up using php thumb, which reads the metadata and…

eye-fi and photoshelter

A new client approached pocketrevolution to help out with a photobooth solution for events… the idea was to set up all the photography stuff on location and use an ipad or iphone to take care of the photo transmissions for social media sharing. The client provided an eye-fi card with a compact flash adapter for…

Carlton Park Restaurant web-to-print menu

A good friend is opening a restaurant and asked us to design their print and web menu, the task was to make the menu self-editable and print ready. In order to avoid cumbersome pdf documents and have the menus integrated –and searchable– into CarltonPark’s website, pocketrevolution decided to use a simple CMS and make the…

Julio Mitchel photographer

photographer Julio Mitchel approached us to revamp his website sans the existing flash slideshows that won’t display on any iOS (ipad, iphone, ipod) device and many other tablet computers and smartphones. everything was re-coded by hand in plain vanilla html and jquery.